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fun prototype


Gonna love this game, great job dude


Amazing game! the demo is giving some speed run vibes. you could make some speed run type maps, which would make the game awesome! It would be funny if there were cool characters, like Rick Astley or somthing🤣. anyways I feel you have a banger game on the way. just put all your effort in.

Watched someone speed run it last night they got 1;17

Hi Rory I'm a big fan and I really like the game I've experienced 1 or 2 glitches but I don't mind but for the sake of other toxic pple pls try fix them oh btw pls let the AI to respawn I felt bad after he died (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)


Rory you're onto a winner here for sure!

Fix that twerking while hanging off a ledge asap... I want to be able to shake my thang once I get that golden booty, for all to see! lol

Cant wait to play Spanky community games on stream :)

Keep up the great work!


Thank you!
ledge twerk fixed :)


Awesome demo! Can't wait to see this game grow and multiplayer would be a butt slappin good time. I'm sure some people will make some hilarious videos with this game!


Came here from TT and very much enjoyed the demo!

No issues with virus detection and ran seamlessly with no lag .

Some things to note:

- If you die, the countdown timer and progress indicator disappears from screen. I assume you keep the same progress as the booties I picked up were still gone after dying.

- Some physics collision with the booty and tight spaces. So for this, I fell off a platform and was wedged between it and the wall... my butt started jiggling (and glitched a bit) like there was no tomorrow! (visual effect, had no issues moving from the spot, and booty fixed when I did)

- Random guy doesn't respawn after slapping his booty down? I thought maybe he would respawn after some time, but the poor thing just laid there. Used his butt for extra boost though!

Had loads of fun just bouncing around on my butt and twerking. 

Great job so far and can't wait to see more progress!!



Hi Kat thank you so much for the feedback! 

I honestly didn't consider progress after dying - the gold booties where a last day decision to add more incentive for exploration but I think keeping progress after dying is good just for a demo. And ye I left the lil man dead after you kill him so people can practice jumping on his booty. A respawn might be good for people to practice smacking though. 

Really appreciate your thoughts, cheers!

i don't know how to reach the golden booty next to spawn location, I  cant seem to jump that high also cant seem to get on the pillars either but got the other 3 after needing to reboot cause I got stuck in a wall. The game seems runs  great on my pc. keep up the great work Rory

~ Charred

Thank you for your feedback Charred, I really appreciate it. Some gold booties need a combination of butt bombs and climbing to reach the higher places ;)

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Yes sir! I think this is a really cool concept. 2 minutes and 27 seconds is my new best time to beat. I think that a platformer style game mode would be fun

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1 Minute 28 seconds new time

Damn nice! Glad to see you've got the hang of it.

When I close the game it reopens without permission constantly, easy to fix but what the hell man

and it is super poorly optimized

It is literally a piece of the game that he is still developing. It is good to give feedback but you seem to just be coming up with random BS?!

in addition, the antivirus detects it as a virus

Which antivirus? it only had one probably BS hit on virus total...

VirusTotal Scan Results



I'm sorry to hear these issues. I've only been able to test on my own devices and haven't come across these yet. These things are expected when I haven't been able to test publicly yet so I appreciate you letting me know.

There are some basic graphic settings in-game if you haven't adjusted those yet. Mind if I ask what specs your pc is running?

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